jewelry inspired by crestfallen treasures hiding in spare drawers

These adornments sing to the playfully sophisticated spirit who's entranced by rouge ribbons, curious trinkets, vintage letter openers, and miraculously appearing buttons, among other marvels.

My raw materials are spools of yarn from grandma's sewing kit, appliques from an old costumes, and the beautiful grosgain ribbons from last year's Christmas gifts. Right now, I'm exploring rope, specifically parachute cord. Hence, the series of love knots!

I humbly submit that these are TERRIFIC gifts for that amusingly unconventional yet elegant lady in your life. And, that lady might very well be yourself! I invite you to peruse my wares, and let me know if you have any fantastic spare drawer items at home that you'd like made into jewelry- I take commissions and love a challenge. Thank you, kindred spirit!

10% of Spare Drawer proceeds go to ‪Joshua Station‬, a transformational housing program for homeless families here in Denver, Colorado. Check out more at:
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